Our Brands

Nippon America is an electronics products manufacturer that has been in business for over 30+ years. We carry a wide array of audio products, home security, installation products, musical equipment, pro audio, lighting, and much more. We currently sell to distributors and re-sellers ONLY.


Audiopipe is a car audio electronics manufacturer producing a wide range of products including subwoofers, amplifiers, loudspeakers, enclosures, coaxials, tweeters, audio accessories, and more. Our name is synonymous with the best in competition car audio products across the globe. Please visit our web site www.audiopipe.com for direct purchases or contact sales@audiopipe.com for more information.


Audiopipe Marine is the maritime sub-company of Audiopipe manufacturing the best in marine speakers, marine amplifiers, marine stereos, and marine accessories. Our name is synonymous with the best in marine audio products for boats, yachts, jet skis, and waterproof speakers. Please contact sales@audiopipe.com for more information.


Audiopipe Pro Audio is a division of Audiopipe which manufactures self amplified bluetooth speakers, woofers, amplifiers, dj mixers, crossovers, an more. Our products are available at all Brandsmart USA outlets, as well as direct sales to consumers. Please contact sales@audiopipeproaudio.com for more information.


Installation Solution offers the best in electronics tools and accessories. Some of products include switches, ring tongues, quick disconnects, spade tongues, butt connectors, female terminals, crimp caps, soldering irons, multimeters, voltmeters, connector tools, and much more. Visit www.installationsolution.com or Email sales@nippponamerica.com for more information.


We manufacture and supply a wide range selection of led strip lights for home, businesses, boats, yachts, and other custom applications. For more information visit www.pipedreamleds.com or email sales@nipponamerica.com


Zebra Pro audio is a pro audio line which includes self-amplified speakers, microphones, audio cables, and a wide range of musician pro audio gear. For more information visit www.nipponamerica.com or email sales@nipponamerica.com


Studio Z is a pro audio brand which includes woofers, loudspeakers, wireless microphones, audio cables, and audio mixers. For more information visit www.nipponamerica.com or email sales@nipponamerica.com.



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