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Acoustic Guitar Strings - Super Light

  • Specifications

    Plain strings are made of stainless steel. G, D, A and E strings are steel wound with silver plated copper alloy, anti-rust coating give them a bright brass appearance. With anti-rust coating, these strings last much longer before oxidation sets in. A production of automatic winding machines, consistent in quality and performance.

    Alice strings are made with our exclusive winding and polishing techniques. Made of premium materials sourced globally, these strings offer exceptional timbre and longevity. Thus, they are loved by more and more musicians worldwide.

    • Stainless Steel
    • Steel Core
    • Copper Alloy Winding with 80/20 Bronze Color Coating
    • Anti-Rust Coating
    • E-1st: .011"/0.28mm
    • B-2nd: .015"/0.38mm
    • G-3rd: .024"/0.61mm
    • D-4th: .032"/.081mm
    • A-5th: .042"/1.07mm
    • E-6th: .052"/1.32mm


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