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6FT Ultra HD HDMI Cable

  • Specifications


    • 18GB High Speeds
    • HDMI 2.0
    • 4K Ultra HD
    • 24Kt Gold-Plated Connector


    • Latest HDMI 2.0 Version
    • Compatible with most 3D formats, true 3D gaming and 3D home theater applications
    • Ultra-high speed bandwidth up to 2200Mhz (18GBps)
    • Audio return channel
    • Supports 32-channel digital audio new formats as Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio
    • Enable video resolution up to 4 times the Full HD: 3840x2160 at 24Hz/25Hz/35Hz, 4180x2160 at 24Hz at 50 to 50 fps
    • Deep color from 24-bit to 30-bit, 36-bit, 12-bit (sYCC601 color, Adobe RGB color or Adobe YCC601)
    • 4 times larger bandwidth for 4K than 1.4 HDMI
    • 19-pin gold plated connectors for a higher speed and more accurate transmission
    • Multiple-layer shielding prevents EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) from ruining your digital picture
    • Braided Nylon Jacket: durable and flexible nylon mesh jacket with environment friendly PVC double layer protection, this ensures a reliable protection of the outer jacket
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