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Wireless Expandable Home Alarm

  • Specifications

    • Box contents:    1 x Alarm unit, 1 x Door/Window sensor magnets, 1 x Motion detector, 1 x AAA LR03 batteries, alkaline, 1 x Remote control

    • Main unit can add max 10pcs remote control.

    • Main Unit with 4 Zones, each zone can add max 10pcs detectors.

    Professional home alarm system with four zones and four different modes that are ordinary, doorbell, emergency, and welcome mode. It’s a real DIY system for all Small/Medium/large houses since it is expandable to up to 40 sensors such as door sensor or motion sensor (Note: Each zone upto 10 sensors), and up to 10 remotes. When the alarm is triggered, the led indicator of the corresponding zone will flash, quickly alerting you which zone was triggered and making it convenient for a hearing impaired person. The host requires a four digit password to disarm it that avoids the intruders to disarm it immediately. For your own convenience, you can use the remote to one-button disarm the system! The 2-way magnet of the host is flexible to place on the left & right of the host meeting for different doorframes.

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