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  • Specifications

    DC12V 16mm 5/8" Blue Ring LED Metal Self-locking 

    Latching Push Button,  Silver Switch with Wired 

    Connector Adapter Socket Plug

    • Mounting Hole Size: Φ16mm (5/8 Inch), Switch Rating: 

      3A/250AC, Switch Combination : 1NO 1NC 

    • Operation Type: Latching/ Self-Locking 

      [Push it - ON, push it again - OFF] 

    • Ring LED can be on all the time or only when switch is on which 

      depends on how you wire it. 

    • Great for Electric Switch, Relay, Power Button Switch, Critical Lights, 

      Chassis Lamp, Fog Lamps, Door Switch, Led Switch or any circuit 

      controls on over 500,000 cycles. 

    • High quality metal material & IP65 waterproof protection can 

      be used in wet or dusty environment.

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