NL-PDEQ-4511 NL-PDEQ-7016 NL-PDEQ-8019

  • Car Music rhythm lamp

    • Using the preinstalled double sided tape, remove the outer

    protective film and firmly press the unit onto the windshield glass

    • The product it easy to install, if you have any difficulties consult

    with a local Car Audio authorized dealer

    • Wire the power wire to 12v switch power,

    properly wire the ground wire to metal chassis.

    • With 100% American imported crystal material

    allows up to 6000 hours of constant illumination

    • Thin as paper the total thickness is .35mm,

    uniformed brightness.

    • Low power consumption, under 1 milli watt per square meter.

    • Soft luminous ensures no Glare or flickering of light.

    • Vibrations resistant.

    • Does not produce harmful rays.

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