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  • Specifications

    100A DC TO DC Converter

    •    24V DC to 12V DC Voltage Converter 

    •    Output Power: 100Amp(Continuous), 130Amp Max

    •    Standby Current: ≤1.10A

    •    Input Voltage: DC 20V~30V

    •    Output Voltage: DC 12V~13.8V

    •    Efficiency: 85~90%

    •    Thermal Protection: 65°C +/- 5°C

    •    Input Polarity Reverse: Diode Protection

    •    Output Polarity Reverse: Circuit Protection

    •    Output Short: Circuit Protection

    •    Over Heating: Circuit Protection

    •    Over Load: Circuit Protection

    •    Input Fuse: 4x30A

    •    Dimensions(L x W x H): 


    •    Net Weight: 3.03Kg

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