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LG Replacement HDTV, LCD, LED, 3D, Smart TV Remote Control

  • Specifications

    Replaces your damage or old one with this high-grade, fully featured, remote control suitable for LG LCD LED HDTV 3D Smart TVs.


    • 32LB5800, 39LB5800, 42LB5800, 47LB5800, 47LB5800-UG, 47LB6100, 50LB6100, 50LB6100-UG, 55LB5800, 55LB6100, 55LB6100-UG, 55UB8200, 55UB8200-UH, 60LB6100, 60LB6100-UH, 65UB9200, 65UB9200-UC, AKB73756523, AKB73756567 and more!


    • No programming or pairing required
    • Requires x2 AAA batteries
    • Farther transmitting distance
    • Stable performance.
    • Size: 1.90” x 9.25” x 1”
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